Communication Secrets of Influential Leaders: The 5 Conversational Blind Spots to Avoid

A Talk by Janet Zaretsky
The BS-to-Brilliance Master, Coach, Speaker, Author, Trainer, Empowered Women Enterprises, LLC

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About this talk

To be a great leader, you must be able to connect fully with others, build trust and rapport, yet we often have conversational blind-spots. These are beliefs that get in the way of us relating with others and where we have blind-spots, we have conflicts and breakdowns that interfere with our ability to create an environment where everyone succeeds.

In this interactive talk, grounded in Conversational Intelligence TM (C-IQ) you will discover how to recognize and overcome the 5 most common conversational blind-spots. Our blind-spots spring from reality gaps- our realities/our points of view are not the same. Even when we are experiencing the same thing in the same time frame, we will have different impressions. When you are aware of this and learn how to take new actions to get past the blind-spots you become the leader you always wanted to be.

Take-aways: 1. You will be introduced to Conversational IntelligenceTM, the most effective tools to create a culture where everyone wins. 2. You will discover how to recognize and overcome the most common conversational blind spots. 3. Discover and learn how to engender trust, loyalty and innovation among teams.

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Janet Zaretsky

Janet Zaretsky is a master professional coach, author, and speaker. She is also knows as The BS-to-Brilliance Master, as she has a gift for having you unapologetically and confidently express yourself – and succeed!

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