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Linda Sage MA, BA Ed (Hons), DTM

Successful Mindset Ltd

Robin Samora

President, Robin Samora Marketing & PR

Wendy Silver

Employee Success Consultant & Workforce Strategist, Beyond the Workplace LLC

Angela Stalcup

Owner & Chief Communicator, Angela Stalcup Group, LLC

Madeline Tomchick

Strategic Alliance Manager, AIS

Cynthia Trevino

Client Clarity Mentor, She Markets

Susan Trotter

Relationship Coach, Susan Trotter, Ph.D. - Relationship Coaching

Parul Wadhwa

VR Director/Producer, Oculus Start

Tracey Welson-Rossman

CMO, Chariot Solutions

Alicia Williams

CEO/Co-founder, Aliste Marketing

Precious Williams

CEO, Perfect Pitches by Precious, LLC

Shahara Wright

Business Law Attorney, The Wright Firm, PLLC

Janet Zaretsky

The BS-to-Brilliance Master, Coach, Speaker, Author, Trainer, Empowered Women Enterprises, LLC

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